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Guest Posting Workbook

Do you want a simple, instant solution for building your website audience with highly targeted traffic?

I'm going to show you how I enter brand new niches as a virtual unknown but still manage to build high traffic, high ranking websites in no time, while only spending a couple of hours a week promoting them, maximum!

Specifically, you'll discover how you can ...

  • Increase traffic
  • Get more subscribers
  • Boost your exposure and credibility
  • Expand your audience reach
  • Network your niche
  • Build quality links that Google will love and "article marketing" cannot reach!

My name is Chris Garrett, and as you will see if you Google my name, I have been around the blogging and internet marketing space a long time. In fact I got started in the early 1990's when most people had not heard of the internet, let alone built high traffic sites with it!

I have worked in many niches for myself or as a consultant, everything from IT, photography and personal finance, through to power stations, dental drills and drug rehab, and know what works and what doesn't. If you want a tried and tested solution, look no further.

"Chris Garrett's 'Guest Posting Workbook' is a no-fluff guide to getting the greatest benefit from your guest posting efforts. The workbook (and the extras at the member site) take you step-by-step through everything you need to know, including the little details that can make all the difference in the success of your guest posts.

If you are a blogger, you need to guest post. And if you guest post, you need this guide."

Cathy Stucker,

Valuable Bite-Sized Bonuses

To encourage you to consume and put this advice into practice, and ensure that you can make full use of this information, you will have access to supporting content and drip-fed bonuses.

In addition to the ebook download, I'm going to give you ...

  • Kick-start video presentation to help you discover the key tips and traps, and understand how guest posting can help YOUR business with me as your online guide.
  • Implement your guest posting plan quickly and easily with the easy to follow checklist, "mindmap" and flow chart "process map" downloads.
  • ... and more bite-sized tips and tactics to help you get full value out of this strategy.


"Having studied Chris Garrett's 'Guest Posting Workbook' ebook, I have to say it is an excellent, thorough step by step tutorial on how to get started.

This is a terrific way to establish yourself quickly as an authority in your niche, boost your visibility and drive more traffic back to your home base."

Denise Wakeman,

This is the first time I have made this available to the public outside of my Authority Blogger members site, once I have received enough feedback and reviews the price will increase significantly.

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